Please read the following for things you need to run these programs and optional software you may be interested in.


  • You will need a Java 5.0 runtime environment to run the software (or a Java 5.0 SDK if you want to build or modify/extend it). If you don't already have Java then it can be downloaded from Sun Microsystems for most platforms. Note: These are Java applications that require a standalone Java runtime. Don't get confused by browser support for Java. The version of Java your web browser supports is irrelevant.
  • To get good performance with Fracplanet you will need a good graphics card and OpenGL support. Get the latest drivers from your card manufacturer. On Linux and other platforms you may have to install additional drivers or libraries to enable this support depending on your card.


  • If you want to render images from Fracplanet with POVRay then it can be downloaded from the main POVRay site.
  • If you want to export planetary systems generated with Stargen to Celestia then you can download it from the Celestia home page. You need at least version 1.4 of Celestia for this to work.